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NEW CareInsights for Personal Care

Creating value through predictive analytics to improve health outcomes and drive new revenue


Estimate client hospitalization risk with predictive analytics

CareInsights™ for Personal Care helps your agency monitor your client population and predict adverse events before they happen.

Integrated into WellSky Personal Care and built with data from more than 250,000 personal care clients, CareInsights uses powerful predictive analytics to estimate a person's risk for hospitalization, allowing your agency to proactively manage client needs and inform better, smarter, data-driven care.

icon_careinsights_leverage_whiteImprove delivery of care

CareInsights transforms WellSky Personal Care data into an intelligent care optimization and decision support solution. Leverage your data to better identify care needs and maximize client & family satisfaction.

icon_careinsights_clientrisk_whiteKeep clients out of the hospital

CareInsights analyzes your entire population to present a comprehensive view of key factors that inform quality care: hospitalization risk, social determinants of health, and visit utilization.

icon_careinsights_outcomes_whiteDrive long-term growth

Track and report on key value-based outcome metrics for your client population, using analytics to market your success to payers & key referral sources.

How CareInsights Works

Powered by algorithms, CareInsights analyzes your entire population to present a comprehensive view of key factors that inform quality care.

You also get a deeper, client-level look to understand what contributes to individual risk and use that information to make changes to the care plan.

CareInsights was built using care information from more than 250,000 clients and approximately 2,500 agencies.

“We see CareInsights as a tool for differentiation and we are excited to share with clients and referral partners that we are equipped with the data to proactively manage health like never before in our industry. The timing of CareInsights couldn’t be better.”
- Ali Dean, Chief Care Officer
New Horizons, Eugene, OR
  1. Client information that comes from care logs, profiles, and assessments informs CareInsights.
  2. Machine learning algorithms process client data along with general data that exists in CareInsights. 
  3. CareInsights delivers insights that assess hospitalization risk by ranking variables based on how they contribute to the client’s overall risk.
  4. Your personal care agency can act accordingly based on data-driven insights.