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Community Care Management

Manage clients and caregivers all in one place.

Simplified Community Shift Management

Agencies can streamline their staffing and management needs for multiple clients within a retirement, assisted living, or senior housing community, while keeping caregivers organized and efficient.

Delivering a Solution that Works

Without these features, a shift would need to be created and managed individually for each client. With WellSky Personal Care, you can run centralized scheduling, pay your caregivers for the time they worked, bill your clients for the services they received, and most importantly, make it easier for your caregivers to manage their shifts.

Optimize the Caregiver Experience

Caregivers can view information for a Community in a centralized view including client details, schedules, and directions. Clocking in/out and updating care notes and tasks is a smooth process, making Community care easy to manage.


Mobile Tracking

Caregivers can view their schedule, complete tasks, and clock in and out of shifts all from the ClearCareGo Caregiver mobile app.

Easy Scheduling for the Agency

Agencies can create and view Community shifts and scheduled services from a single dashboard.

Simplified Billing and Payroll

Shift details are automatically captured in WellSky Personal Care, ensuring clients are invoiced and caregivers are paid accurately.

All the Information Caregivers Need

Clients and tasks are organized in each caregiver’s view, making it simple and easy for caregivers to see their schedule and provide the best care.

Client name, location, scheduled services, and assessments are easily accessible.

The user interface is simple and easy to use, allowing caregivers and agencies access to all important details of a Community shift at a glance.

  • Shift View - See the day at a glance
    Shift View - See the day at a glance
  • Shift Details - See open tasks and clock in
    Shift Details - See open tasks and clock in
  • My Tasks - Check off tasks and add comments
    My Tasks - Check off tasks and add comments
  • Client Profile - View map, directions, and room info
    Client Profile - View map, directions, and room info
  • Client List - Easily access the Community's client info
    Client List - Easily access the Community's client info

End-to-End Reporting

Track revenue, gross profit, and care hours.

Comprehensive Shift Information

When agencies schedule shifts they can add details including location, clients, service, rate, and duration.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Does the schedule appear for both the caregivers and agencies?

Yes. Agencies can view schedule within the WellSky Personal Care software, while Caregivers are able to view their schedules within the ClearCareGo mobile app.

Can caregivers see detailed information about each client?

Yes! Within the app, each client has a profile so caregivers can view photos, allergies, tasks, and the care plan for that client.

Is the mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes. Learn more about the ClearCareGo Caregiver mobile app.

How much does the Community Care feature cost?

There is no additional cost to use the Community Care feature in WellSky Personal Care.

Can I see schedules both by the day and the week?

Yes! Different views are available so agencies can view a daily, weekly, or even monthly calendar.

Can caregivers check off tasks as they complete them?

Yes! Caregivers can view and update tasks, and leave comments.