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800.449.0645 Caregiver Support

Caregiver & client health and safety come first.

Our clients deliver critical care to groups identified as the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. As part of our response, we are constantly adding new functionality, reminding clients of tried & true ClearCare features, and providing business resources that are most helpful to personal care agencies during this time.


COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

Use ClearCare to track COVID-19 vaccination dates of your caregivers.

Tag clients who prefer or require vaccinated caregivers, then let CareFinder match them on your schedule.

Use the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard in ClearCare Analytics to help manage and track vaccine information and other COVID-19 related information available through ClearCare.



Risk Management Dashboard

The Risk Management dashboard in ClearCare Analytics consolidates key COVID-19 information into a single view.

View missing COVID-19 questionnaires by caregiver and client by day at a glance. Quickly review new questionnaire results. Check for incomplete Potential Engagement Risk tasks.



Safety Questionnaire Results Dashboard

Screen clients and caregivers at clock-in. Then easily view ClearCare Analytics reports containing:
  • Caregiver name
  • Client name
  • Date and time of screening
  • Engagement risk - Yes or No
  • Screener signature obtained - Yes or No
  • Caregiver assertion if violating agency policies to prevent spread of COVID-19 - Yes or No


Screening Questionnaires

screenshot_mobile_questionniare2During the clock-in process, present caregivers with questions to screen clients, client contacts, and themselves for COVID-19 symptoms.

Questionnaires are configurable to meet your agency's requirements. If a caregiver answers Yes to any of the questions, an email is sent to HR Administrators for follow up.

Quality of Care

screenshot_mobile_cicThe Quality of Care module in ClearCare helps you monitor, report on, and prevent serious complications among patients with chronic conditions. Change in Condition Tracking allows caregivers the opportunity to identify and report any changes in or concerns about a client’s condition.

Customizable Pre-Shift Messages

screenshot_preshift2At the beginning of a shift clock-in, set a message for caregivers to hear (via telephony clock-in) or read (via mobile app clock-in). The default message is a reminder about COVID-19 symptoms and proper hand washing.

This message can be customized to meet specific situations or requirements.


Mass Messaging

icon_messagingIf you need to get a message out to multiple clients or caregivers at once, you can use ClearCare. Send a mass message out to any or all of your clients and/or caregivers via text message, email, or both.


icon_profile_tagsTags allow you to group profiles, notes, and tasks. They are useful to identify related clients or caregivers who may have come in contact with each other or share common symptoms.

You can choose from Illness-Related tags to specifically track and report on possible COVID-19 activity, or set up custom tags to fit your agency's needs.

Key Documents

icon_key_documentsStore files in one place so everyone has easy access to the current versions. To help Admins stay up to date on new internal procedures or health updates, you can upload files to the Key Documents section. Any documents uploaded here will be available to all Admins on the Dashboard. Key Documents are not visible to caregivers.


COVID-19 Weekly Briefing

logo_wellskyEvery Tuesday, WellSky provides this free digest of COVID-19 news and actionable guidance for care providers.

Written by renowned executive management consultant and policy expert, Sharon Harder of C3 Advisors, LLC, the briefing is an informed guide for you and your team.

Download now

On-Demand Webinar

Maintaining and Growing Your Agency During COVID-19

Hear from agency owners who are successfully growing their businesses during this time.

This webinar covers topics such as creative solutions for adapting to COVID-19, strategies for successful communication with clients and caregivers, supporting caregivers & the impact on hiring, and planning for a post-pandemic future.


Watch the replay

On-Demand Webinar

New Evidence for the Value of Home-Based Care, Informed by 1+ Million Patient-Years

Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle joined WellSky CEO Bill Miller and Geoff Nudd, CEO of WellSky’s ClearCare business, to discuss bold views for the future of home-based care in response to COVID-19 and beyond.

Watch the replay

COVID-19 Coverage Dashboard

Integrating with data from the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 global tracking map, the COVID-19 Coverage Dashboard in ClearCare Analytics compares U.S. ClearCare agency partner data with confirmed COVID-19 cases. Monitor current hot spots, identify areas with increasing infection rates, and determine locations where PPE and other valuable resources are needed most.screenshot_covid_tracker1