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ClearCareGo - Caregiver Mobile App

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Empowering Caregivers

With the ClearCareGo Caregiver mobile app, caregivers can access shift information from anywhere, at any time, on their mobile device, allowing them to focus less on admin tasks and more on providing quality care to your clients.

 Stay Connected and Informed 

With an intuitive interface, caregivers have all the information they need about upcoming shifts including client information, maps and directions and shift tasks at their fingertips. Clocking in/out and updating tasks is simple and quick, requiring just a few taps on your caregiver's mobile device. 

 Deliver Better Care

When caregivers spend less time on administrative tasks and completing telephony or paper time logs, they can spend more time caring for your clients. 


Spanish Language Support

To help you serve your clients and caregiver better and provide a more positive experience, Spanish language support within the mobile app is available.

If enabled, all text that is built in to the mobile app, such as screen titles or field labels, will be translated to Spanish.

Your agency can turn on language options for caregivers and clients.

 For Clients

The client signature screen provides a toggle between English and Spanish if the agency has enabled the Spanish option.

 For Caregivers

Caregivers can select Spanish as their preferred language in the mobile app.

Spanish language support is also available in the ClearCare telephony system.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The mobile app is clear and simple, taking the guesswork out of using a new system. Caregivers can easily access information from their mobile device.

 Information at Their Fingertips

Client profile information and care plans are accessible from within the app, making it easy to quickly find information including address, directions, and shift times by client.

 Receive Notification and Accept Open Shifts from the Field

With First Come, First Serve scheduling, caregivers receive notification of available shifts offered to them in the mobile app and can immediately respond to accept the shift with a single tap. The first caregiver to respond is automatically scheduled.

iOS App

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How do I download the app and start using it for my agency?

Go to the Google Play store or the App Store to download the app and start using it for your agency.

Does each caregiver’s schedule appear in their profile automatically?

Yes, once they set up their profile, their shifts and client information will be there.

Does the mobile app include electronic signature?

Yes! The e-signature feature can be enabled and added to the clock-out process. E-signatures for either/both the client and caregiver can be captured.

How can caregivers and agencies learn how to use the app?

The app is user friendly and easy to use and is based off the Caregiver Portal. A "Getting Started" video tutorial is also featured in the app.

Do I need to use the ClearCare platform to use the mobile app?

The ClearCareGo Caregiver mobile app is a feature of the ClearCare platform and requires a connection to ClearCare to use.

Is the app available for iOS and Android?

Yes! We have a version of the mobile app for iOS and Android devices.