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New Year's Goals

For older adults, making a New Year’s resolution can be a symbol of hope. Calling a resolution a goal might help get out of the mindset that they are things you start on January 1st and break on January 2nd. Here are some ways to help set and achieve personal, health, and financial goals.

blog_resolutionsThe word “resolution” has gotten a stigma as something that people start on January 1st and break on January 2nd. Calling a resolution a goal might help everyone get out of the mindset that these are things you say only New Year’s Day. Goals can be set any time. You can help your loved one create some measurable goals for the coming year. In fact, helping them reach their goals might be a goal for yourself! 

Make goals bite-sized and measurable. For example, instead of saying “lose weight,” set smaller monthly goals to eliminate one poor eating choice from your diet or add one extra daily activity. Losing weight will be a product of those goals, but not the goal itself. 

Goals don’t have to be boring!

Especially as we age, there are legacies to be passed down. Consider asking your family members to sit down with you (even virtually) each week to pass down recipes, stories, and lessons they’ve learned throughout their lives. This can be a great family activity that feels less like a resolution and more like the right thing to do.

Setting Goals 

Personal Goals

  • Cleaning and Sorting – As we move through life, it’s easy to amass items that just don’t serve us anymore. As organizational expert Marie Kondo says, keep only those things that spark joy. Our homes should be a haven. That old vase you picked up in a thrift store on a whim, which is out only to be dusted, can probably go to someone who might value it more. 
  • Technology – Video chats with family members can ease loneliness and allow us to keep an eye on them. Add a form of digital music, which has been proven to help with mental acuity and emotional happiness. Teaching your loved one how to email or text will allow them to connect with their peers more easily. 

Health and financial goals are also important. For more ideas to help your loved ones set goals for next year, be sure to check out our free Marketing Monthly program. You'll be able to download the full "New Year's Goals" article as a PDF and receive printable articles like this right to your inbox each month.



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