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Home Care Telephony Service

Integrated Smart Telephony

Caregivers are always on the move and need an easy, convenient way to communicate about their shifts. WellSky Personal Care uses telephony, a mobile solution powered by phone, that allows caregivers to clock in, report on shift tasks, listen to messages from previous caregivers, file safe or unsafe shift reports, and clock out. 

This easy-to-use system is not only valuable to caregivers, but also to administrators. There are no PIN codes to remember, meaning one less thing for administrators to keep track of. When scheduling a caregiver for a shift, add tasks by typing them into the shift details - for example, 'Make lunch at noon.' When the caregiver clocks in, the telephony system automatically reminds the caregiver of all tasks to be completed. Upon clocking out, the caregiver confirms task completion and can even leave voice notes, which are automatically forwarded to the office. The integrated telephony system verifies the caregiver arrived and left on time and creates their timecard. This makes reconciling schedules at the end of the week easier than ever, removing the need to wait for paper logs to be faxed in. Administrators receive alerts when caregivers are late or haven't arrived so they can respond quickly. The telephony feature is available in both English and Spanish to provide more accessibility for your team. 

Minimize the day-to-day burden for caregivers and administrators with the convenient, user-friendly telephony system within the WellSky Personal Care platform.  


Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Meet insurance and other third party payor requirements for verifying visits electronically.

Expedite Billing and Payroll

As soon as a caregiver clocks out of a shift, the log is marked as complete to be reviewed and sent off to billing and payroll.

Spanish Language Support

Enable options for clients and caregivers to hear telephony prompts in English or Spanish. Spanish language support is also available in the ClearCareGo caregiver mobile app.

Access Details that Matter

Stay on top of your staff using detailed logging, updated in real time. Use the logs for compliance efforts, reporting, and troubleshooting.

 Insurance and State Compliant

Electronic Visit Verification is needed for many long-term care insurance claims and state reimbursement. 

 Reduce Calls to Your Office

With telephony logs, you can investigate missed clock-ins as errors or true missed events without having to call tech support. Use the log to know exactly which buttons your caregiver pressed, so you can coach them through the process. 


Logging that Aids Your Compliance Efforts

We aren’t the only ones that like detailed logs. Use telephony tracking as needed to demonstrate everything from shift tracking to task status.

Troubleshoot Using Telephony Logs

Catch errors quickly and easily, and inform caregiver training using telephony logs.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How much are the home care telephony features?

The home care telephony service is included free of charge with your WellSky Personal Care home care software system subscription. There are no additional fees. 

Do the telephony logs support long-term care insurance claims?

In most situations, yes. Because the caregiver can confirm completed tasks at the end of the shift, your agency can pull a report that shows all the information needed for a long-term care insurance claim. 

How is this different from other telephony systems?

We built our telephony system in-house. There are no PIN codes for the caregiver to remember and no additional charges. The telephony software reads out the tasks to be completed at the start of the shift and asks the caregiver to confirm the tasks were completed at the end of the shift. Caregivers can even leave voice notes that are forwarded to the family and/or office so everyone is in the loop. 

Are e-signatures supported?

Yes! Some states (such as Texas and Virginia) require signatures on timesheets and/or care logs. Even in other states, insurance providers may require signatures.

By federal law in the US, e-signatures may be used on timesheets and care logs produced through systems like ClearCare. E-signatures are applied to a care log during the telephony process when a caregiver is clocking out. A digital stamp is then applied to the record within WellSky Personal Care. Signatures can then be set up on a person-by-person basis. 

Can I be notified when caregivers are late or haven't arrived?

Yes, you can receive alerts when caregivers miss a telephony clock-in.

Are PIN codes needed?

No! PIN codes are hard for caregivers to use so we allow agencies to add tasks to the telephony setup. An agency can type the task (such as 'Make Lunch') and the telephony system will read that task out as a reminder at the start of the shift.