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WorkSafe Central

A built-in caregiver safety program that keeps caregivers safe and can lower your workers' comp premiums. 

Keep Safety Top of Mind

Caregiver safety programs are usually well-intentioned, but often sit on a shelf and are difficult to keep top of mind. WorkSafe Central is a built-in caregiver safety program that keeps safety at your staff's fingertips. With more than 10 safety programs, WorkSafe Central's safety practices are easy to follow and correct before they become bigger, costly issues.

 Engineered to Lower Your Work Comp Rates

We found the top risk factors that insurance underwriters were concerned about and built those into the WorkSafe product. WellSky Personal Care-powered agencies that use WorkSafe then qualify for credits from these underwriters, which may lower premiums. Please contact our licensed insurance agency affiliate, CCOIS, LLC, for more information about workers' compensation premiums.

 Prevent Costly Injuries

When injuries go unreported for a week they are 50% more costly to treat. Left unreported for 2 weeks, the cost goes up 150%! Caregivers are required to indicate if they had an injury-free shift at the end of every shift. The sooner you know of a workplace injury, the quicker you can prevent unnecessary hospitalizations or investigate questionable claims. 

Pre-Employment Best Practices

Safety starts during the hiring process. Run all employment screens within WellSky Personal Care and carefully track results to make informed hiring decisions.

Home Safety Checks

Use a built-in home safety assessment tool to verify the home is safe. Take pictures of unsafe areas and send to the family. Update on each home visit. 

Skills-Based Caregiver Matching

Use CareFinder to match caregivers to clients who are high risk. 

Your Safety Center

A safety dashboard keeps you in control. See injury claims in progress and access all your safety documentation in case of an audit. Manage injury claims and see the status of new hire training and certifications.

 Home Safety Assessment 

Use a mobile-enabled safety checklist to ensure the house is safe and ready for a caregiver. Send the report to the client or family members. 

 Return-to-Work Program

Caregiver claims often balloon when agencies incorrectly treat and train caregivers back to work. WorkSafe Central has a built-in return-to-work program to make sure the right steps are followed before placing a caregiver back into the home. 


Prove Your Safety

Document safety best practices and maintain records. Live dashboards show how your safety program is running. 

Eliminate Costly Errors

By managing everything from care plans to schedules to safety programs within one platform, you have all of the tools for success in one, easy-to-use system.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Please contact our licensed insurance agency affiliate, ClearCare Insurance Solutions, LLC, for more information about workers' compensation insurance.

Is WorkSafe Central included?

WorkSafe Central is free for WellSky Personal Care customers with a commitment to allow WellSky Personal Care Insurance to quote their workers’ compensation business annually, except in AL, AK, ID, MN, MT, NM, ND, OH, SC, NY, & NC where WorkSafe is free upon request. 

How does WorkSafe Central help me recruit and retain caregivers?

Caregivers prefer agencies that have safety programs to keep them safe and help with return-to-work programs if an injury occurs. 

How does the telephony-based injury reporting work?

At the end of every shift, we ask if the caregiver had an injury-free shift. You'll know immediately if the caregiver claims to have an injury so you can respond. Use the telephony injury reporting to support fraudulent injury claims. 

What is the return-to-work program?

The return-to-work program is a specific set of steps to ensure the caregiver is safe to return to work and has learned how to prevent future injuries. 

What safety training is available?

Upload your own safety training documents and videos. Send training materials to caregivers with delivery confirmation. 

How does WorkSafe Central lower my workers' compensation premiums?

Your X-mod rate is determined by a number of things, but a leading factor is how many injury claims you've had against your business. Having a safety program that is used and enforced will keep your staff reminded of safety and keep caregivers trained. Fewer injuries means fewer claims, which can potentially lower your workers' comp premiums. With a WellSky Personal Care Online Insurance policy, receive pre-negotiated discounts for use of WorkSafe Central. Please contact our licensed insurance agency affiliate, CCOIS, LLC, for more information about workers' compensation premiums.