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David Waddell cuts billing day in half with ClearCare's e-payments

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“My goal is to have all of my clients on Payment Processing.  It would make my day a piece of cake”

Before signing up for ClearCare's payment processing platform I used a tedious system of manually entering credit card payments that usually was a full day project. The process was convenient for our customers but a hassle for our staff. You might not realize it but manually keying in credit card information and then manually applying those payments was a time warp but also very error prone. 

Now approximately 85% of our customers are paying by credit card through ClearCare’s payment processing feature. Most clients were more than willing to sign up for this new system when we shared that they could split the bill with other family members online and retrieve historical payment information. We usually receive these types of requests at the end of the year or near tax time so it's nice knowing we can now direct them to the Family Room portal for that. Financially we are now able to collect our cash in about half the time. 

“I just push a button and what took hours now just happens...”

The entire billing platform that ClearCare provides streamlines the payment process. You just push a button and everything happens. The ClearCare system automatically syncs the client’s billable hours through the scheduling system and sends invoices to customers.  The process is just like anyone pays a cell phone bill. The client receives an email with the invoice a few days in advance of when it's due and the client can choose to pay manually or auto-pay. The payment splitting feature allows the families and/or clients to split invoice payments down to the cent. 

David’s advice to agencies who have not yet started using Payment Processing is simple: “I just can’t imagine not taking the leap to use Payment Processing...I don’t know of anybody who has a better system." David Waddell, Home Care Assistance, Placer, CA.

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