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Home Instead Agency Sees 50% Growth in One Summer


“It’s skyrocketed, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it if we didn’t have ClearCare. I’m convinced of that.”


Prior to home care, Jerry Best was a CFO of a large advertising agency for 20 years. When his mother was in need of in-home care, there were few resources. This led Jerry and his wife to start their Home Instead Senior Care franchise in Jerseyville, IL. He has loved this job ever since. He says, “You feel good at the end of the day that you’ve helped so many people.” Jerry aim to establish partnerships with clients ensuring that they can age at home.

Jerry operates in 13 rural counties of Illinois with three remote offices. Communication and visibility are key to running his business. While CRM is critical to success, it can be a challenge for a growing business. Using ClearCare, Jerry has put in place a CRM procedure that allows all three offices to sync and organize their prospects in one platform. Another feature that Jerry utilizes is the file upload, which allows the three offices to upload their client and CAREGiver files and maintain visibility. Before ClearCare, Jerry had a full time employee who would just listen to the clock-in calls.

Employee turnover is an industry wide issue. Jerry has been able to bring his agency’s turnover down from 90 to 50 percent. He credits several factors for this reduction, including his hiring philosophy. Jerry refers to Simon Sinek, author and thought leader, and his notion of hiring for the “Why." In other words, a purpose-driven candidate is the best candidate for the job. Jerry looks for people who have the “passion and the heart to be a CAREGiver,” and only hires about 15 percent of applicants.

Jerry’s strong training and mentoring programs create further meaningful touch points with CAREGivers. Home Instead, Jerseyville, has a full-time trainer. The training program includes an intense, two-day orientation in a training home that simulates on-the-job scenarios. After the CAREGivers go through this training they have a shadow shift to ensure that they are entirely comfortable on the job. CAREGivers are constantly mentored and rewarded for doing well. For example, if a CAREGiver accepts a shift within a short timeframe, it is flagged through ClearCare and he or she receives CAREPoints which can be exchanged for uniforms and branded merchandise. Jerry says, “We try to find ways to recognize our CAREGivers and reward them to create a positive experience for them.” 

With quality comes strong client relationships. The CAREGiver is often not only the eyes and the ears of the family but also a close friend. Jerry facilitates quarterly CAREGiver meetings where staff members read kind quotes from clients, families and colleagues. The following is a note that Jerry found particularly impactful:

“You met my mother at one of the lowest points in her life. Through her loss of dignity & pain she was very clear about how much you brightened her day. She was abundantly clear that the happiest time of her life was raising her children. In some way, I think you reminded her of that. On behalf of my family, thank you for your tenderness, your grace, and your willingness to lend an ear. We hired you for care, what you gave was love...“ 

Jerry feels the most rewarding aspect of running his business is keeping people happy at home. Communication, transparency and organization are essential for doing this. “Once we had ClearCare, we were able to focus on innovative things and marketing. We were able to handle new volume because of the system.”




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